APP Browser

Thanks to Ever Wallet's in-built browser, you can use Everscale services wherever you are.

For instance, you can connect your wallet to any dAPP that supports Ever Wallet, such as FlatQube, Octus Bridge, Ever Pools as well as many others.

Other browser functionality includes:

  • A home page that includes links to the most popular Everscale dAPPs

  • A Bookmarking system

  • Browser history with a search feature that allows you to quickly return to previously used resources.

  • When you connect your wallet, you'll have the ability to choose exactly the account you want to use.

  • When using Octus Bridge or other Everscale dAPPs that support the connection of EVM and other mobile wallets, you will have the opportunity to connect them without any issues

To go to the browser, click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the Ever Wallet app.

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