Creating a Multisig account

The process of creating a Multisig wallet is somewhat different. Let's start from the very beginning:

1. Proceed to create or add a new account. Choose a name for the new account and click Next.

2. Choose the appropriate type of account and click Create account.

If you want to use a multisig wallet with 3 or more custodians on FlatQube and Octus Bridge, be sure to use BridgeMultisigWallet type!

3. When the wallet is created, proceed to deploy. The account must have a small amount (ideally 0.5) of EVER to deploy. You can get them any way you want. For example, buy them using Buy EVER or transfer them from another account.

4. When deploying, select Multi-signature wallet and click Next.

5. Select the number of custodians that will require confirmation for the transaction and enter the public key for each custodian.

6. Click Deploy.

Now your multisig wallet is ready to go. Now the custodian needs to add it to his EVER Wallet to confirm transactions.

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