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How to get EVER

Here are 4 ways to get EVER on your wallet.
  • You can purchase EVER on exchanges where it is available and then withdraw them to your EVER Wallet address:
  • The second way is to transfer your tokens from another network (Ethereum, BNB, Fantom Opera and Polygon) to Everscale using the Octus Bridge cross-chain transfer interface. At the stage of choosing a token and amount to transfer you can convert a part of sent tokens into a EVER to pay a commission for this transfer and subsequent wallet deployment.
  • Profitably exchange your Ethereum, BNB of Fantom chain tokens for EVER with​
  • The last way is to buy EVER or WEVER directly on FlatQube.​
To make a swap on FlatQube you need a deployed wallet!
Last modified 11mo ago