EVER Wallet Extension

Go to your profile menu and click Manage seeds & accounts. The keys are stored in the seeds, so go to the menu of one of the seeds by clicking on it. You will see a list of keys associated with this seed.

Here you can:

Manage keys

Click on one of the keys to go to the management menu for that key. In the key menu, you can copy or rename it (Key name), as well as link a new account to the key by clicking +Add new.

Add keys

In order to add a new key to your seed, in the list of keys for this seed, click +Add new. Enter the password for this seed and go to the key selection menu by pressing Confirm. Check the boxes for the keys you want to add or hide. The number of keys to add is not limited. After selecting, press Select and you will see the added keys in the general list of keys for this seed.

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