Sending and receiving tokens


In order to find your address or QR code for receiving tokens click on the Receive button. This is your account address where your tokens will be stored. You will have to share this address with whoever will send you tokens, regardless of the token being sent (this applies, of course, only to EVER token and other TIP-3.1 tokens).


In order to send tokens click Send. This will open up the send message tab where you will see a number of fields that you have to fill in:

(1) Select the token you want to send (if the token is not displayed, add it in the select assets menu). (2) Enter the number of tokens you want to send . (3) Enter the receiver’s address. (4) Commentary (sometimes a receiver will require you to put something in this field).

Fill out the required fields and click Send. Once more, check the receiver’s address and familiarize yourself with the commission on the transfer. If everything checks out, enter your seed password and click Confirm transaction.

Note that you can remember the password. In this case, within 5 minutes of confirming this transaction, you will not have to enter the password to confirm other transactions.

That’s it! The transaction will be processed in a couple of seconds and you will see it in your wallet. To view the transaction, go to the transactions menu.

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