Types of wallet
EVER Wallet supports the creation of several types of wallets, which differ in the specifics of their work:
SafeMultisig - formally verified Multisig wallet. SafeMultisig24 - with a SafeMultisig wallet custodian confirmations take up to 1 hour, with a SafeMultisig24 it will take up to 24 hours. If the required number of signatures is not reached by the time limit, the transaction will be nullified. SetCodeMultisigWallet - Multisig wallet with the possibility to change codes and custodians. BridgeMultisigWallet - this kind of wallet differs from SafeMultisig because it does not have payload limits.
If you want to use a multisig wallet with 3 or more custodians on FlatQube and Octus Bridge, be sure to use BridgeMultisigWallet type!
Surf - Technically, this kind of wallet is the same as SetCodeMultisig. You should use this kind of wallet to import your Ever Surf wallet. WalletV3 - this is a small and simple contract that allows you to deploy your wallet at the same time as you make a transfer and has a 24-word seed phrase.
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